Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TERROR TOILET! (More musings, more music to come, but first: must-see terror TV)

Hey gang!

The last post featured my new music playlist feature, Playlist Playground, which was carried out masterfully by MSU English prof and rocker girl Diana Joseph (note to the English department at MSU -- when I say "rocker girl" it's merely a literary device to suit my needs, and I can assure you Prof. Joseph was a consummate professional and may have possibly been wearing tweed and smoking a pipe at all times while dealing with me.)

And now, I'm just about ready to unveil another playlist from a local music lover.

Musician and writer Colin Scharf is feverishly working on his playlist, which I'll be unveiling for you this weekend. But to give you a tease, a taste, a preview into Mr. Scharf's twisted mind, I'll share with you a short but spooky/hilarious film he made which suits the season, and theme of his playlist, quite well.

So, as an appetizer of sorts, Freep Spirit presents to you Colin Scharf's "Terror Toilet."


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