Monday, December 16, 2013

PLAYLIST PLAYGROUND continues with everyone's favorite BARISTA!!!

This is Sarah.
It's been a while, but PLAYLIST PLAYGROUND IS BACK!!!

And this time it's back with an unexpected surprise! But more on that in a minute.

First, I can't wait to introduce to you the barista formerly known as Sarah Turbes ... SARAH DOMEIER!!!

I've known Sarah for a long time. She's my favorite barista in town (she runs the Fillin' Station coffeehouse) and she makes the world's greatest mocha. I've always been impressed with the music she plays in the coffeeshop, and she's got a certain way with customers, so .... I gave her the theme "The Customer is Always Right."

She had a great time with it and I know you'll love her playlist.

Where can you find it? Go HERE.

I've created a new website dedicated to the playlist series. It's a little slicker, a little cooler than what you'll find here on my blog. So please, go check out Sarah's playlist. All the others from the series are there, too.



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